From Rob Matsushita


Knock Knock

From author Rob Matsushita.

Anthony Phillip Grover, a.k.a. Tony Bompicelli, a.k.a. "Tony The Bomb," former mobster from Claymore, New Jersey, now living in the Witness Protection Program in the pseudo-liberal town of Iver, Wisconsin.  
When a sex offender moves into Tony's neighborhood, Tony does not react well to that. Not at ALL. After over a decade of keeping a low profile, Tony's ready to start some major crime again...

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Every week, host Rob Matsushita invites one of his friends over. They give him a list of their five favorite movies. Rob picks one. They start a 10-minute timer.

Then they talk about that movie. When the timer goes off, the episode is over!

It's a fast-paced, energetic, and all-around positive look back at all of the movies that meant something to each of us...and you.

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