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Knock Knock

From author Rob Matsushita.

Anthony Phillip Grover, a.k.a. Tony Bompicelli, a.k.a. "Tony The Bomb," former mobster from Claymore, New Jersey, now living in the Witness Protection Program in the pseudo-liberal town of Iver, Wisconsin.  
When a sex offender moves into Tony's neighborhood, Tony does not react well to that. Not at ALL. After over a decade of keeping a low profile, Tony's ready to start some major crime again...

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A Late-January Update

Hey, folks, Rob here.

It happens.

You spend all your time making something, and absolutely zero time promoting it.

So, here's what's up with Claymore so far:

Chapel has returned to YouTube!

You read that right...oh, we're not leaving Vimeo (we love the layout, presentation, and quality Vimeo offers), but we did want to put the whole series up to this point back up on YouTube, where we first started.

This, of course, was announced with a video:


Also, in the meantime, was our second episode of the new season, "Loaded," which had a teaser...

...which was immediately followed by the episode itself:

And then, we had episode three, "Matched," which had a teaser...

...followed by the episode itself:

And also, this month, I added annotated commentary to the first episode, "Audited:"


So, lot of "Chapel" stuff, but that's not all.

This past weekend also featured a reading of a couple of scenes from my novel, "Knock Knock," at the Madison chapter of Naked Girls Reading's show, "Pulp Diction!" The reading, performed by Cheeky Friday, got a lot of laughs, and about two minutes after the reading was over, I'd sold all the copies of the book that I brought! Many thanks to Cheeky and the other performers (Babe Lincoln, Valentine Smith, and Encyclopedia Brownie) for doing a wonderful job and thinking enough of my book to honor it with a performance.

Those of you wanting to pick up a copy of 'Knock Knock," by the way can do so here.

Also, for those of you that don't know, I co-host the Film101 segment on Forward With Kurt Baron on WTDY 1670 AM or online at As of this year, we're now simulcast on WJQM, 106.7.  That's Tuesday's at 10am! Tune in and hear Kurt and I talk about movies as fast as our lips can move.

Later this year, I've got another play at Broom Street Theater, called "900," which will be directed by Kathy Lynn Sliter (who Chapel fans will know as "Dr. Vet").  That'll be in April, so more details to come.

In other, non-me-related news, Emily Mills will be performing with Little Red Wolf this coming weekend (Feb. 5th) at Olbrich Botanical Gardens! It's free, and the details are here.

That's all for now, and we'll be back next month with the new Chapel, titled "Neutralized," which will have, no question, our highest body count, like, EVER.



Season Two has begun.


If this is your first time watching the show, this episode is a good place to start.  It's a mostly stand-alone story, and if you like it, go ahead and check out the rest of the series here.

Behind-the-scenes with Chapel

Rob and "Chapel" star Emily Mills sat down recently to grill each other about their web series (and the seemingly millions of pop culture references and allusions Rob manages to insert into it). The first two installments of the interview are live now, but check back regularly for more!