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Knock Knock

From author Rob Matsushita.

Anthony Phillip Grover, a.k.a. Tony Bompicelli, a.k.a. "Tony The Bomb," former mobster from Claymore, New Jersey, now living in the Witness Protection Program in the pseudo-liberal town of Iver, Wisconsin.  
When a sex offender moves into Tony's neighborhood, Tony does not react well to that. Not at ALL. After over a decade of keeping a low profile, Tony's ready to start some major crime again...

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Help us fund season two of Chapel!

It's time!

Madison, Wis.-based Claymore Pictures is excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of season two of their action-packed, dark comedy crime series "Chapel."

Season one of the groundbreaking web series filmed and wrapped in 2010 to much acclaim and featured a host of some of the best acting and technical talents in the area. From gun fights on skateboards to an epic finale shot on location in New York City, the show that "runs on Facebook and the Dollar Store" did it all on practically zero budget. Now, in order to film season two and continue to grow/improve the show, Claymore Pictures is turning to the community of incredible fans and supporters of super independent film in the hopes of raising a small budget.

The "Chapel" Kickstarter campaign to raise a mere $1,000 begins TODAY, June 20, and will run for 30 days (until Wednesday Jul 20, 10:49am CDT). We have to reach $1k otherwise we get nothing at all - so please help us hit our goal! We'll use the money for better sound equipment, higher quality effects, locations, etc. and if you pledge there are fabulous prizes in it for you, too!

For pledging $5: A hearty, personal thank-you via the impersonal medium of email.
$15: A personalized video thank-you.
$30: A signed copy of the comic book version of "Inked" by Rob Matsushita, and a signed copy of the Chapel back story novel, "The Fix Up" by Emily Mills.
$50: Everything from $30 plus a copy of the Chapel Season One DVD!
$100: Everything from $50 plus a co-producer credit, and a character named after you (this character will die horribly).
$500: Everything from $100 plus a walk-on role in an episode!
$1,000: Everything from $500 (but a full producer credit instead of just co-producer), PLUS a very real beat down from your choice of Emily Mills or Kelly Maxwell (note: you will not be allowed to fight back).

To watch the complete first season of "Chapel" please visit our Vimeo page, or our home on the Web Series Channel. Chapel also has a Facebook page! More information about Claymore Pictures is available at our website,