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Knock Knock

From author Rob Matsushita.

Anthony Phillip Grover, a.k.a. Tony Bompicelli, a.k.a. "Tony The Bomb," former mobster from Claymore, New Jersey, now living in the Witness Protection Program in the pseudo-liberal town of Iver, Wisconsin.  
When a sex offender moves into Tony's neighborhood, Tony does not react well to that. Not at ALL. After over a decade of keeping a low profile, Tony's ready to start some major crime again...

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Tragedy! And new beginnings

Wooo boy we've been riding the rollercoaster for the past couple of days here at Claymore HQ. The newest episode of "Chapel," called "Inked," was finally finished and ready for uploading when the digital gods decided to throw a whole bucket of sh*t at the proverbial fan.

First, the upload to Youtube kept crapping out around 96%. Then, through a mind-bending combination of user error and really terrible backend design on Youtube's part, EVERY ONE OF OUR VIDEOS (save the oldest 7) WAS DELETED FROM THE ACCOUNT.

And it turns out there's no tech support for Youtube. So that was fun.

After a sufficient amount of teeth gnashing and banshee-like wailing, we decided to take this opportunity to start fresh - emerge, pheonix-like, from the binary ashes. So! What does that mean? Well, aside from a metric f*ck-ton of extra work here at HQ, it means this:

Chapel is moving to Vimeo!

That's right, we've decided to give Chapel her very own page/channel, and Vimeo's higher video quality and general ease of use had us sold. We want to seriously thank everyone who has followed and/or subscribed to Chapel on Youtube in the past...and GROVEL LIKE MAD in the hopes that you'll make the switch over to Vimeo with us and follow the show there.

** Here is the link to Chapel's Vimeo channel. Please click? Please subscribe? Yes thank you much! **

We're still in the process of uploading all of the older episodes so please bear with us - but! The good news is that the brandest newest episode, "Inked," is ONLINE NOW! So check it out in all it's comic book glory:

Chapel, Episode Seven: INKED. from Rob Matsushita on Vimeo.


You can also download the companion comic book and mp3 file of the audio:

Then get psyched for PART ONE of the season finale, "Jacked," next week!

Sorry we're late...

...but we think it's going to be well worth the wait! The season finale shoot in NJ/NYC went better than we could have hoped for, and we also finally finished "Handcuffed," the actual next episode to air. It should go online in the very near future (as in within the week). In the meantime, here's an apology video to keep you tide over: